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Stepping into a new land, with its promise of unforeseen adventures and exotic sights, is a truly visceral experience. I first dipped my toe into adventures abroad in my early twenties and haven't looked back since. In that time I've travelled to over eighty fascinating countries across five continents - and counting. People no longer ask how I am, only where I'm going next. I've seen so much - yet there's still so much to see. This site brings together my love of travel, photography and writing. Join my adventure.

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south africa, lesotho & swaziland

Wild Beasts, Mountain Kingdoms & Witch Doctors: A Triple Country Adventure Through Southern Africa

brunei & malaysia

Wild Adventures on the Island of Borneo


48 Hours in Asia's Futuristic Sci-Fi City


Iconic Travels in the Chinese Capital 


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what's happening down under

a new life in australia

the australia blog

Blogging the Highs & Lows of My New Life Down Under

travel australia

The Full List of My Travels in Australian So Far




Wadi Rum, Jordan 
unforgettable travel

incredible adventures


Tropical Island Adventures in the Heart of the South Pacific


Exploring a Jewel at the Heart of the Middle East


Adventures Down the River Nile & Beyond

new zealand

In the Land of the Long White Cloud

south korea

Tradition & Tension on the Korean Peninsula
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roads less travelled


Otherworldly Experiences in the Authoritarian Land of Fire


A Solo Arabian Adventure to the Kuwaiti Capital 


Celebrating New Year in Dictatorland


Visiting the Country that Doesn't Exist





 Trinidad, Cuba 
multi-country adventures

epic journeys

central asia

A Tantalising Journey Along the Silk Road

western balkans

Bus Adventures in the Former Yugoslavia

inter-railing europe

The Mammoth Rail Journey Across Europe



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