Mbabane, Swaziland

southern africa

a triple country adventure through south africa, swaziland & lesotho


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When: September & October 2018
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Counter: Country No. 83, 84 & 85
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south africa

the southern tip of africa




in search of 'the big five'



cape town

the south western port city






the world's last absolute monarchy





butha buthe

rural african adventures












the landlocked mountain kingdom




rural african adventures




















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  • Air travel around Africa is particularly problematic. At the southern tip of this vast continent airport hubs are few and far between meaning that, if like us, you want to fly to neighbouring countries to save time, your only option is to fly in and out of Johannesburg in South Africa. Africa is not as connected as other parts of the world which means that getting places to explore properly is a frustrating, time consuming and expensive experience.
  • The airline market in this part of the world lacks the one thing which helps to keep prices down: competition. Thus you'll find that air fares are unreasonably priced considering the flight time and distance travelled. It's just one of those things. When planning this three country adventure it was clear that prices were fixed and did not increase or decrease over time. There's nothing to be had, therefore, of trying to book early as the prices will be the same.
  • In lesser-travelled countries like Lesotho and Swaziland/Eswatini it pays to book ahead for accommodation. Hotels and homestays are booked up months in advance. Plan early if you want to secure a bed in some of the more sought-after establishments.
  • Contrary to what you may expect, you'll soon discover that Southern Africa is an expensive place in which to travel. 


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