Vilnius, Lithuania


world towers

towering structures from around the world

Towers are striking and unavoidable. They are designed with 'standing out' in mind. Some have gained notoriety, others infamy. These towers are sometimes garishly kitsch and, some would hazard, so full of hyperbole that they border on the embarrassing for a modern populace likely to be more wowed by miniaturised technology. What is true is that these towers are all about superlatives - the point at which countries show off in an international rendition of 'keeping up with the Jones's'. Towers are getting ever-higher, now staying on the top spot for shorter and shorter periods as another country out-builds by another fifty or one hundred metres. They are the architectural equivalent of men bulking themselves up in the gym and competitively comparing themselves to everyone else. Self conscious? Yes. Hyperbolic? Certainly. Fascinating? Definitely. I happen to think they are rather stunning.





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