Kuwait City, Kuwait


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One of the reasons people travel abroad is to see the different, the unexpected, the esoteric. It is a reaction against homogeneity and sameness, the safe and the expected. It is only when you see the unique, distinctive and eccentric that you really begin to appreciate the culture of a place and feel that you really are a long way from home - surely the whole point of travel in the first place? Some sights delight, others confuse and others just make you smile. Don't dismiss these sights as silly aberrations, frivolous creations, pointless confectionery; they take ou inside the mind of a country. What country would have panda-inspired post-boxes but one whose culture is reserved but which then likes to break out of formality into a 'cutified' culture? The post-box, then, can be a sign of bigger cultural influences - indeed, google this and you will find that the movement at work in contemporary Japan is called Kawaii. Point proven. Keep your eyes peeled!






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