Edfu City, Egypt


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thematic photographic journeys

My Photography Galleries take you on a thematic photographic journey through countries and across continents. It is here that I bring my travel photographs together into themed collections, presented in a simple and clean Pinterest-style gallery, on a diverse range of subjects; from people to politics and places, from architecture to animals and art. Take journey through the land of theme...


My Adventure Travel Experiences


bizarre buildings international

An Unusual Architecture Collection


brief encounters

Wonderful Faces in Wonderful Places


from russia with love

Stalin Palace Architecture in the Eastern Bloc


landscape escapes

An International Landscapes Collection


offbeat travel camera

Travel Photography Shenanigans


travel in the abstract

Look Up & Looking Close Up


weird wonderful world

A Travel Curiosities Collection


adventures in concrete

Cosmic Concrete Constructions Photographed



Photographing Frontiers


creature feature

A Travel Wildlife Gallery


global graffiti

Street Art Worldwide


lost in translation

A Faulty Foreign Signage Collection


rooms with a view

The World as Seen from My Travel Windows


urban worlds

A Skylines & Cityscapes Collection


world towers

Towering Structures from Around the World