Edfu City, Egypt


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I'm no athlete but try to take the opportunity of being abroad to do something out of my comfort zone. This is a gallery dedicated to the more adventurous things I have been involved in whilst in foreign climes. Read more


alternative postcards

This is a gallery where I juxtapose the official, glitzy promo logos of the tourism industry designed with persuasion in mind with the most heinous and unflattering photographs of a country that I can muster. Enjoy. Read more



These are the evocative moments you switch from one culture, currency and time zone to another; the moment you enter a new, foreign land. This gallery captures these strange, powerful points of transition. Read more


creature feature

Travel isn't just about the people that live there or the well-known sights. Sometimes it's the indigenous creatures which become the main attraction, from beasts to bugs, sea creatures to birds. Here are mine. Read more


global graffiti

Graffiti. An annoyance? An urban blight? A political expression through artistic techniques on a publicly accessible canvas? Probably all of these interpretations are true. This is my gallery of meaningful world graffiti. Read more


lost in translation

No travel-oriented website would be complete without a gallery dedicated to unfortunate foreign signage which has become lost in translation: colloquial slants, ironic nuances and dirty double-entendres. Read more


rooms with a view

You pull open the curtains on the world you've just walked into. It's a square of foreign in your hotel room; a living, breathing polaroid speaking so much of place. Enjoy a gallery of the views seen from my tent, hostel, yurt... Read more


travel superlatives

Superlative (adj.) of the highest quality, surpassing all others; superior; extreme. This is my international record collection featuring a plethora of -est ending words including the heaviest, highest, longest & largest. Read more


world towers

Towers are striking and unavoidable. Self conscious? Yes. Hyperbolic? Certainly. Fascinating? Definitely. Here is my gallery of some of the most impressive and infamous towers fromaround the world. Read more

adventures in concrete

Concrete, concrete, everywhere - did no-one stop to think? A material which allowed architects to be creative in the mid 20th Century is responsible for some of the wackiest, weirdest and ugliest buildings around. Read more


bizarre buildings

Sometimes architects get free reign, a big budget or a brief to do something out of the ordinary. Here is my gallery of some of the weirder architectural creations I have captured during my travels. Read more


brief encounters

There is an intensely personal side to travel - namely the people you meet along the way. Here is my gallery of brief photographic encounters with local people where it is the humans who've taken centre stage for a change. Read more


from russia with love

The architecture of the Stalin Palace was teleported from Russia into other USSR satellite countries as a potent hallmark of communism. Despite what they represent, I love them. This is my gallery of the Stalin Palace. Read more


landscape escapes

Here is my gallery of the most tantalising and stunning landscapes I have had the privilege of photographing, from hot dunescapes in the desert to Icelandic glacierscapes and everything in between. Read more


offbeat travel camera

This is my gallery of my more offbeat photographic moments where I've ended up interacting less conventionally with the places I've found myself in. Some are cliche, some odd - others just plain pointless. Read more


travel in the abstract

Travel isn't always about the obvious landmarks. Some of the most beautiful things are also the smallest, the most intricate or inconspicuously located. This is a gallery about looking up or looking close up. Read more


world cities: a collection

Cityscapes encapsulate the degree to which a country is developed. It's where countries show off their finest wares. Take a tour of the world's famous, infamous and unknown cities as seen from some high vantage points. Read more


weird wonderful world

One of the reasons people travel is to see the unexpected, the esoteric. It's a reaction against homogeneity and sameness, the safe and expected. Some sights delight, others perplex and some just make you smile. Read more