Reykjavik, Iceland


lost in translation

a faulty foreign signage collection

No travel-oriented website would be complete without a page dedicated to unfortunate foreign signage which has become lost in translation. Endless fun can be had from keeping your eye on signage when travelling across foreign lands; sometimes it's the poor grammar which creates the hilarity, others it's the unknowing use of a word which, on the surface, looks perfectly acceptable but which fails to take into consideration the vagaries of colloquial slants, ironic nuances and dirty double-entendres.

Here is a selection of some of my 'best unfortunate' linguistic slip-ups which kept me smiling, albeit a little smugly, on my travels. Some I include for their visual humour and others because they capture a sense of place. If you are averse to crass, crude, rude and downright insensitive humour I advise you to navigate away now.





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