Milford Sound, New Zealand


landscape escapes

an international landscapes collection

Getting to the top of a mountain or windswept vantage point to take in the scenery offers what is, all too often, an unusual moment in my travels: a chance to escape a hectic itinerary of times, dates and noise. It is a chance to watch, to behold, to escape just for a moment; unique punctuation marks of peace in an overflowing schedule of things to see, do and tick off. Too much about travel is frantic, frenetic and frenzied - all driven by a travelling mindset of 'bucket lists'. 

I have grown out of the lure of the city when travelling and no longer feel a visit to a country is complete unless there's some sort of excursion out into the countryside. Some landscapes shock because their beauty is so unexpected (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and others are truly otherworldly (Iceland, Turkey). With so much of international travel emphasising city breaks and trips to large conurbations I though it was only right to assemble a collection of the very best landscapes featured on this site: from hot dunescapes in the desert to Icelandic glacierscapes and everything in between. 





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