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disputed lands

This page takes its inspiration from Simon Reeve's TV travel series 'Places That Don't Exist'. Travel with me to rebellious breakaway states, lands of frozen conflict and new countries mired in controversy. Read more



There is nothing more soul destroying than flying, right? The whole in-flight system is geared towards making your flights 'comfortable' and 'enjoyable'. And yet it fails to do both of these every time. I despise flying. Read more


get me out of here

Travelling is fun and part of the adventure is when things don't go exactly according to plan - although fun isn't what springs to mind when it happens to you at the time. Here are twelve tales of travel turbulence. Read more


motherland calling

Mothers are loving, right? Mums look after, they soothe. They survey, they protect. A figure of purity of purpose and good intent. In the former Eastern Bloc, the figure of the mother is, unsurprisingly, not that simple. Read more


package holidays: a rant

Buying a package holiday is like admitting 'I have no preference' or 'I don't care what I see or where I go'. I view package holidays as the blonde bimbo of the travel world and the travel version of the nutritionless ready meal. Read more


these four walls

Walls are, in essence, constructions of safety: homes, boundary enforcers, protectors. Whilst walls are all of these things, they have a more sinister and less homely flip side: they can contain, restrict and curtail. Read more


travel by numbers

It's the travellers' version of keeping up with the Jones'. It's the question every traveller, trekker and adventurer gets asked and it's a staple of the traveller conversation: 'How many countries have you been to?' Read more

don't even go there

Some of the most rewarding aspects of travel include risk. It's a tricky choice: safe and boring, risky and interesting? Travellers walk this tightrope all of the time. Your travel No-Go should be replaced with a Know-Go. Read more


from russia with love

The architecture of the Stalin Palace was teleported from Russia into other USSR satellite countries as a potent hallmark of communism.This is Soviet machismo and arrogance crystallised in architecture. Read more


lithuania's towering embrace

In the Karoliniskes district of Vilnius, a place synonymous to Lithuanians as being the main place where the events of 1991 unfolded, you will find the Vilnius TV Boksta - or TV Tower. It soars 326 metres above Vilnius. Read more


travel at christmas

There is nothing more depressing than being sat on a sofa, in the wintry dark and cold, and regretting your choice to 'sit out' the festive period. Never again. Never. My advice? Get packing your backpack. Read more


solo traveller

To travel alone or not? It's a burning question for anyone who has been seriously bitten by the travel bug and whose friends, annoyingly, haven't. Inevitably your desires and those of others won't always coincide. Read more


tower power

Television towers are self conscious constructions - they are knowingly showy and pretentious things; they are absurd and hyperbolic. Go on a journey around the TV towers of the former Eastern Bloc. Read more


women in glass boxes

There is a breed of ticket seller out there encountered only by the foreign national travelling through the former eastern bloc. She's waiting...and be warned, she eats naive tourists like you for breakfast. Read more