Podgorica, Montenegro


alternative postcards

postcard mockery celebrating the shadier side of travel

Travel isn't always what you expect it to be. There is a side to a place which the government tourist boards would rather you didn't see: there is always a sharp disconnect between official representations and the user-generated content you see and read on travel review sites. So, to go some way to partially redressing the imbalance, here are my alternative postcards which celebrate the less salubrious, and unavoidable, side of travel. Arguably, the less salubrious views of a destination are, in my opinion, some of the most interesting and often act as a touchstone to the heart of the place: what it's really like. Using my own photographs, here is a bit of cheeky fun where I juxtapose the official, glitzy promo logos designed with persuasion in mind, with the most heinous and unflattering photographs of a country that I can muster. Enjoy.






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