Climbing and abseiling a glacier, Iceland



my adventure travel experiences

I'm no athlete but getting onto the back of an Indian elephant (or Moroccan camel or Turkish horse for that matter), running down Jordanian desert sand dunes at lightening speed or clambering up Icelandic glaciers and Armenian valleys are some of my traveller touchstone moments. Doing something more active abroad firmly takes you out of the ordinary and well-away from the relative safety and banality of typical tourist traps. Active travelling offers you the chance of an extra buzz, a chance to see the landscape and, more often than not, a chance to share the experience with other like-minded travellers from all over the world who, like you, are up for a bit of something different or just there to tick off the bucket list.

Getting active abroad is one of the best ways to by-pass all of the tourist confectionery which seems to be more about homogenising the tourist experience and reducing it into stereotypical tat, than allowing you to experience the real country at work. Break out of the mould, bypass the tourist hordes and escape from the sanitised city by organising an excursion before you set off. You'll be glad you did.





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